Equifax Hack FAQ

Will my credit cards still work if I freeze my accounts

Yes, but you will not be able to get any new ones while frozen.

Will I ever be able unfreeze my accounts?

Only unfreeze your accounts if you are trying to get a new credit card, applying for a loan/mortgage, shopping for a car, etc. Until the day comes when we stop using Social Security Numbers as a primary form of ID, we'll never be secure again. 

Will a credit freeze affect my insurance?

Contact your insurance agency and ask how a credit freeze will affect you.

Do I need to unfreeze every account every time I need to use them?

Ask your credit lender/checker/whoever which bureau they will be inquiring to. Unfreeze the one they specify. Unfreezing may have an associated fee and the time it takes to complete the unfreezing process can vary, so plan ahead accordingly.

Does a credit freeze affect my credit score?

No it does not.

Does my spouse need to do all of these steps if I already did them?

Yes, credit files are maintained separately.

I'm under 18 and only have a debit card, does this affect me?

Contact your bank and ask if they report account holder information to Equifax. If they do not, then you are safe. For now, at least.

I am a parent and am worried about my child's future credit. What can I do?

You can freeze your child's credit once they have a Social Security Number. Although they probably wouldn't have an Equifax file unless you've had them apply for bank accounts, credit cards, or phone plans already.

Last updated September 18, 2017